Dublin based Ballyvaughan Club Players 1972-1982

During periods of high emigration levels along the western seaboard, before and after World War II, it was not unknown for players from across the Shannon estuary to be associated with West Clare Clubs. Neither was it unusual during this period for Galway City based players to participate with the Balyvuaughan Junior Team.

When the Junior Team was re-affiliated during the 1972/73 season, the support of the Dublin based Ballyvaughan players was requested to establish the junior team. The junior club were most appreciative of the generous response from the Dublin based players who trained in the 'Garda Pitch' of the Phoenix Park. The commitment of this group of players during three epic games with the Coolmeen Club ensured the continued viability of the Ballyvaughan Junior Team, which went on to contest both junior championship and junior league finals during the final years of the 1970's.

Later decades witnessed a broadening of the player base to the Fanore section of the parish, which ensured larger groups of players were available for selection than the 1970's period. The many humourous journeys of Patsy Linnane's car - IAI 667 - from Dublin to the West Coast were recalled at an enjoyable celebration held at Greene's Pub, Ballyvaughan on Monday 24th of July 2006. Patsy's famous 'red cortina' was later retired to the loacl farm of Mickey Vaughan. Both Mickey and his brother Jimmy participated in those three epic matches with the Coolmeen Club during the early 1970's, as did their neighbour and farming collegaue Gussie Deely. The referee associated with these three struggles with Coolmeen, Jim McNicholas, ensured that all participants turned up for work on the following Monday mornings.

Those in attendance at Greene's Pub included Marie Clancy, Michael Connolly, Damien Fahy, Mary Hayes, Kieran Linnane, Marian Linnane, Patsy Nilan, Siobhan Mooney, Beanie Nilan, Edward O'Loughlin, and Mort O'Loghlin. Also attending were former hurling players, Christy Hayes and Tony O'Donohoe, whose playing careers stretched back to 1958 tournaments held at Cahernane (Doolin) and Ruan. Christy and Tony's playing contemporaries during 1958 included Mickey Curtin, Frank Custy, Jimmy Smyth and the Hubban brothers. During the celebration at Greene's Pub, Croke Park ties were presented to the Dublin based players by Ballyvaughan / Fanore club chairman JOhn Connole.